Hello! My name is Jonathan Favorite, and I currently live in Fort Myers, Florida! I've got a passion for website development, database management, software and UI. I've been working professionally since 2013, and have made over 230 websites, and 20+ custom softwares. I'm currently looking for work, so If you like what you see please contact me!

Here are some projects I'd like to highlight that I developed over the last few years.
Automated Web Browser
Originally designed to expidite the monotonous task of listing rental units on craigslist, zillow, trulia and hotpads. After many revisions, this small yet powerful piece of software is capabale of handling diverse tasks on multiple platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Using Mysql & PHP, all posts and photos are saved on a server, allowing for easy manipulation.
C# PHP MYSQL Visual C# Automation
Custom Content Management System
Due to the fact that I write scratch code, and don't use third party software, I developed my own branded content management system for all of my website clients. The functionality includes managing SEO options, content on each page, and a direct contact form where any changes can be submitted and monitored. It's referred to as the FavoriteCMS.
HTML CSS Javascript Jquery PHP MYSQL Ajax CMS
How Far To The Gulf
With Cape Coral, Florida having over 200 miles of canal systems, one of the most frequently asked questions from home buyers that plan on boating is 'How long would it take to get to open water?'. I developed a web application that shows the fastest route from a given address, to a preset destination. The application shows you how far away (in miles), how much time it would take, and how many bridges your boat would have to pass through. It also shows the speed limits to ensure the calculations are correct.
HTML CSS Javascript Jquery PHP MYSQL Ajax Google Maps API Navigation
Tenant Parking Stickers / Car Pass
While designing and developing a website for a Property Management Company, I was approached by a community association to develop a car sticker software to hand out to all of the tenants, to ensure that non-tenants were parking in their correct spot. Using PHP as the brain, I developed a crypic car pass system with a detailed backend, and made it easy for the board to print them at will. The crypic description on each sticker directly referenced the building, floor, and unit number.
PHP Photoshop
I've got a passion for designing, developing, maintaining and marketing web applications and software.
Need something coded? Looking for consultation? Hire me, I'm looking for work.
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